Journal : Global Times (Chinese) Date : Author : Wu Zhenglong, Senior Researcher of the China Foundation for International Studies Page No. : 14

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In recent days, Sino-Indian relations have maintained the positive momentum that they acquired in the second half of last year. With the joint efforts of both sides, new progress has been made in exchanges and cooperation in various fields, and bilateral relations have witnessed a new era of common development.

The transition of Sino-Indian relations is the result of joint efforts of both parties. At the Xiamen BRICS Summit in September last year, the political consensus reached by the leaders of the two countries pointed the direction for development of bilateral relations. Since then, China’s  high-level diplomatic officials have visited India in succession and used the opportunity to attend bilateral and multilateral conferences to do Indian work and increase trust and dispel doubts.

In February this year, Gokhale, India’s newly appointed Foreign Secretary, visited China within 25 days (of assuming office), which shows the importance and urgency the Indian view attached to “improvement of China-India relations” . The important message that Gokhale’s visit conveyed was: India is determined to adjust its China policy, bury the past at the earliest and open a new chapter in the development of bilateral relations in the future

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