Journal : Guangming Daily (Chinese) Date : Author : NA Page No. : 8

This article, published on the occasion of World Anti-drugs Day, seeks to put Pakistan’s drug problem in explanatory relief by beginning with the (massive) scale of the problem world-wide: 450,000 drug abuse deaths in 2015. It then goes on to mention the total number of drug addicts in Pakistan  to be about 7.6 million, of which 78% are male and 22% are female, adding that the actual number is much larger. And that Pakistan is relatively vulnerable to drug trafficking due to its geographical proximity to the “new golden Crescent” area where production and trafficking is severe.  Pakistan is presented as a victim of manufacture and transit trafficking of opium and heroin, with increasing spillover effects of the international drug industry chain exacerbating the challenges and making Pakistan a frontline country in the fight against drugs.

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