Journal : MInistry of Foreign Affairs Press Briefing Date : Author : NA Page No. : NA

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson’s  regular press conference of August 27, 2018

Q: It is reported that on the 24th, India and Pakistan participated for the first time in the 2018 SCO “Peace Mission” anti-terrorism exercise held in Russia. The Ministry of Defense officials of India and Pakistan said that they believe that the two sides can learn from each other, and from the unique opportunity to exchange experiences. What is China’s comment on exchanges and cooperation between India and Pakistan?

A: We welcome the joint participation of India and Pakistan in the anti-terrorism exercise under the SCO framework.
Both India and Pakistan are important countries in South Asia. Stability in India-Pakistan relations is of great significance for regional peace and stability and even world peace and development. We sincerely hope that India and Pakistan will strengthen bilateral dialogue and cooperation within multilateral mechanisms such as the SCO, improve relations and jointly safeguard regional peace and stability.

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