Journal : MInistry of Foreign Affairs Press Briefing Date : Author : NA Page No. : NA

Q: India and the US yesterday held their 2+2 Ministerial Dialogue and signed the Communications Compatibility and Security Agreement. The two sides also called for ensuring maritime freedom in the Indo-Pacific region. What is your comment?

A: We have seen relevant reports on the US-India 2+2 Ministerial Dialogue. China is glad to see the two countries develop normal bilateral relations. We also hope that while moving forward bilateral relations, they could contribute more to regional peace and stability.

As to the two sides calling for ensuring the freedom of navigation you mentioned, China always upholds the freedom of navigation enjoyed by all countries in accordance with international law and hopes that all sides could make earnest efforts to ensure real freedom of navigation.

(N.B. The part of the answer featured in italics above was not included in the report in Chinese on the MOFA website in Chinese but is there in the webpage on the English version of the website.)

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