Journal : People's Daily (Chinese) Date : Author : NA Page No. : 22


An item on the gold medal won by Vinesh Phogat at the recent Asian Games for women’s free style wrestling.


Indian movie star Amir Khan also congratulated Vinesh on social media: “We are all proud of you.”
Vinesh’ growth trajectory epitomises the enhanced status of Indian women in recent years. Their successes have shown that women can also strive to become glorious stars, and will encourage more Indian girls to take part  in sports.
During my stay in India, I had a lot of contact with local professional women because of work, including journalists, officials, doctors, and women in the service industry like Amita. They are quick-thinking, open-minded, and hardworking. It can be seen that Indian women in the metropolis are changing from tradition.

“Dangal” and a series of local films inspired by women, such as Dad and Mysterious Superstar, are sought after in India. More and more Indian women are finding strength in these films and drawing inspiration for happiness and independence.

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