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On September 29, 2018,  on the eve of the National Day and on the occasion of the second anniversary of his assumption of office in India, Ambassador Luo Zhaohui accepted an exclusive interview with the well-known Indian newspaper, the Tribune. He answered questions from reporters on Sino-Indian relations, the regional situation, “One Belt, One Road”, China.- US trade friction, 40th anniversary of reform and opening up and the issue of religious freedom in Xinjiang. The Tribune (and its website) published the interview with Ambassador Luo Zhaohui on October 1st. The full text of the interview is as follows:

Q: You have been the Chinese Ambassador to India for two years. How to evaluate China-India relations?

A:  I completed two years in India in September this year, and have experienced the roller coaster like ups and downs of China-India relations during this period. .In 2016, bilateral relations began to decline due to issues like the Nuclear Suppliers Group.  In 2017, there was the confrontation incident in Dong Lang, resulting in a dip in the relationship.
President Xi Jinping met with Prime Minister Modi in Xiamen in September 2017 to “step on the brakes” of the downturn. The two sides agreed to turn over old pages and open new ones, reaching agreement on informal meetings.

In April this year, the leaders of the two countries held an informal meeting in Wuhan. The Wuhan meeting has reshaped bilateral relations and  “energised and opened the door” for bilateral relations.  Now China-India relations have stabilized and are on the rebound, stepping into the fast track. I have used five Cs to summarize the priority directions for the two sides to implement the Wuhan consensus and promote bilateral relations, namely, Communication, Cooperation, Contacts, Coordination, Control and Management.

In the past four months, the leaders of the two countries have met three times and they will meet again during the G20 Summit in Argentina in November. State Councilor and Defense Minister, Wei Fenghe, visited India in August. State Councilor and Minister of Public Security, Zhao Kezhi, will visit India in October. The two sides will hold the first meeting of the China-India high-level exchange mechanism in the course of this year. Then a  meeting of the Special Representatives on the border issue is to be held in China.  I am optimistic about the prospects for bilateral relations.

Q: After the Wuhan meeting, how can the two sides implement the consensus into action?


Q: You have recently visited Bhutan. Can you tell us about the specific content of the visit and the “2+1” cooperation model?


Q: How do you view the new approach to China and the “Belt and Road Initiative” initiative after the changes in the Maldives and Malaysia?


V. Q: How does China view Sino-US trade frictions? How does China and India cooperate in various multilateral institutions?


Q: India has been seeking reduction in the trade deficit with China. Are there any new measures for the two sides to cooperate to solve this problem? Recently, China allowed Indian rice to be exported to China, but since 2011, India has banned exports of soybeans to China.  Since China imports 900 million tons of soybeans every year, why not reopen India’s soybean exports? What is the trade situation of sugar and cotton?


7. About the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up


8. On the issue of freedom of religion in Xinjiang


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