Journal : Global Times (Chinese) Date : Author : NA Page No. : 14


The relationship between India and the United States clearly does not have the deep foundation that  India-Russia relations do. Among India’s strategic partners with major powers, only the Russian one is called “special privileged strategic partnership”, and  Russia is the only strategic partner defined by “privilege”. (India and Japan are also special strategic partners). Similarly, India has established an annual mutual visit mechanism only with leaders of Russia and Japan, which shows their importance. It would be for this reason that  Modi said that “the world  has changed, and is still changing, but the friendship between India and Russia remains unchanged.”


As far as China’s India diplomacy is concerned, we understand India’s security requirements. At the same time, we must also see where China-India relations are different from China-US, China-Japan, Central Europe, and China-Russia relations. China and India share similar histories of colonisation and similar national conditions. They have both gradually risen in the international system dominated by the United States and Europe. Therefore, their attitude towards the current international system is rather congruent, and they can “naturally converge” (in their views) on many global issues. India’s strategic swing is, in a sense, in line with our needs. However, the United States and Russia continue to use military sales to upgrade India’s military equipment and indirectly undermine the stability of the entire region. This requires us to be wary and vigilant.


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