Journal : People's Daily (Chinese) Date : Author : NA Page No. : 22

The report begins by noting the following facts and figures:

  • The  war in Afghanistan launched by the United States on October 7, 2001 in the name of counter-terrorism has taken a toll of more than 300,000 casualties so far, with over 30,000 Afghan civilians killed in the fighting.
  • It has cost the United States more than 900 billion US dollars directly, with indirect expenditure going as high as 2 trillion US dollars. At present, there are still about 14,000 US soldiers stationed in Afghanistan, and the withdrawal of troops is nowhere in sight. The process of political reconciliation in Afghanistan is full of ups and downs and the anti-terrorist situation is getting more and more serious.
  • The latest poll released by the US Pew Research Center shows that nearly half of the American people believe that the Afghan war launched by the United States “basically failed” and did not achieve its intended purpose.

It cites a United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan Report on the third quarter of 2018 to focus on the civilian casualties in Afghanistan as a result of the coalition air strikes as part of the US’ war on terror, noting also that the “Islamic State” has continued to increase its attacks against civilians in Afghanistan this year, with 52% of civilian casualties related to attacks made by the organization.,

The item dwells on the lack of progress in the peace talks within Afghanistan, heavy US casualties and tearing apart of the fabric of US society as a result. It refers to a Washington Post report that the United States spends an average of $45 billion annually on security and economic aid in Afghanistan, which is equivalent to twice the gross domestic product of Afghanistan. And to the latest poll released by the US Pew Research Center on October 5, according to which 49% of Americans believe that the Afghan war launched  by the United States had “substantially failed” and did not achieve its intended purpose., and that 53% of Americans and nearly 60% of veterans believe that the United States lacks clear strategic goals in Afghanistan.

It concludes by citing a former Indian diplomat who is a Pakistani and Southeast Asian expert, to say that political and ethnic differences in Afghanistan remain the same, and it is difficult for the various factions to reach a consensus.  Also that it now appears that the new Afghan strategy announced by the US government in August last year is nothing new. And finally that the United States lacks clarity and consistency in its peace building efforts in Afghanistan. “The US Afghan strategy has undoubtedly failed completely.”

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