Journal : Global Times (Chinese) Date : Author : NA Page No. : 3


An interesting item on the first match between the Chinese and Indian football teams, presented under cover of the Indian media’s focus on it. The item notes that neither country is a big player in the world of soccer, with the Chinese team ranked 76th and the Indian team 97th in the world.  It quotes the Indian coach, and others, to project a picture of the Indian side taking the match very seriously but the concluding paragraph is revealing of its own attitude:

……………….This game is also viewed as the “World Cup” on the Chinese Internet because of the large population of China and India.  Some Chinese netizens commented that for the Chinese men’s soccer team, this is a match whose outcome won’t do it proud if it were to defeat (the Indian side) but one in which loss of face will be severe if it were to lose.

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