Journal : MInistry of Foreign Affairs Press Briefing Date : Author : NA Page No. : NA

Q: There have been reports that the barrier lake caused by the landslide in Yarlung Tsangpo has aroused the concern of India. The Indian side said that it is in touch with China on this issue. What is the latest situation?

A: China has been in close contact with India on the threat posed by the barrier lake caused by the landslide in Yarlung Tsangpo. After that happened, the Chinese departments for water resources immediately notified the Indian side of the relevant situation, activated the emergency information reporting mechanism and warned the Indian side to get prepared to deal with it. Starting from October 17, the Chinese side offered the temporary hydrological data on an hourly basis to the Indian side. As of October 22, we have provided seven bits of hydrological information and 110 bits of hydrological data to India. On October 19, China emergently notified the Indian side of the situation regarding the natural (over) flow from the barrier lake. According to Chinese competent authorities, as of 12 o’clock, October 20, the section of Yarlung Tsangpo where the barrier lake is located has basically resumed normal natural flow and the Mo Tuo part in the lower reaches has also basically come back to normal. The Chinese side is still closely monitoring the landslide and will maintain communication and cooperation with the Indian side through the existing channels.

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