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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson’s Regular Press Conference on November 14, 2018

Q: Recently Australian Prime Minister Morrison reportedly said that Australia would like to leverage its newly-announced fund of 2 billion Australian dollars to work with China for infrastructure projects in the Asia Pacific. Australia does not see the necessity to choose between the US and China and instead should seek to improve ties with the two countries. The more stable the region is, the more prosperous it will become. Prime Minister Morrison also said that Australia would consider taking part in the Belt and Road Initiative in light of the specific conditions of the projects. What is your response?

A: We have noted and welcome these positive remarks by Prime Minister Morrison.

As members of the Asia-Pacific family, China and Australia all hope well for the development of the Pacific Island countries. We have many ways to complement each other’s strength in helping these Island countries strengthen infrastructure, improve people’s livelihood and achieve sustainable goals, and contribute to regional development and prosperity. We would like to enter into third-party cooperation with Australia in light of the needs and aspirations of the Island countries.

China, the US and Australia are all important countries in the Asia Pacific and share an extensive range of common interests in maintaining world peace and development. Thus, cooperation stands as the right choice for all.

As for the Belt and Road Initiative, we have stressed many times that it is a transparent, open and inclusive initiative following the principle of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits. China welcomes the participation of more countries including Australia in the Belt and Road cooperation and believes that more practical cooperation between China and Australia on the Belt and Road Initiative will definitely deliver more opportunities to the two countries and the region.

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