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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson’s Regular Press Conference on November 15, 2018

Q: The officials from India and China held the 9th round of Defense and Security Dialogue from November 13 to 14. This was the first dialogue after last year’s standoff in the Donglang area. What issues have been discussed? Can you just offer us some details of the dialogue?

A: You perhaps refer to the recent meeting between the senior representatives of the Chinese and Indian border troops in the east section of the China-India boundary.

According to my information, the two sides exchanged views on properly managing differences, enhancing border control and upholding peace and tranquility of the border areas. I am not aware of the specifics and I may refer you to the military.

But one thing is certain: we are willing to make concerted efforts with India to implement the important consensus reached between the leaders of the two states and two militaries and uphold peace and tranquility of the border areas so as to ensure the sound and steady development of China-India relations.

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