Journal : PLA Daily (Chinese) Date : Author : NA Page No. : 3


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In the past two days , many netizens broke the news of South Korea’s Korea University setting up booths in Hong Kong and Taiwan as part of international student cultural exchange activities held on the 14th. What was especially infuriating is that China’s Tibet and India were placed in the same booth at the event. In the live photos of Weibo users, a booth with the words “Tibet & India” can be clearly seen along with the “Snow Mountain Lion Flag”, the flag of the Tibetan independence movement. On the 15th, the Global Times reporter learnt that the Chinese Embassy in South Korea was aware of this matter and had made representations to Korea University and the Korean government respectively.

Korea University, Seoul is a well-known institution in Korea. Its website seen by the Global Times reporter on the 15th, said  that foreign students from 23 countries and regions attending Korea University had organised a cultural exchange event on the 14th. The school had said therein that the Asian region includes South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and Tibet & India, while displaying information on the booth. A number of Weibo netizens who broke the news said that they felt angry and disappointed at Korean University’s conduct as it had jeopardised China’s national sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity.


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