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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson’s Regular Press Conference on November 27, 2018


Q: Last Friday, you told us some preliminary information right after the Chinese Consulate-General in Karachi was attacked. Could you give us any updatesWhat does the Chinese side think of the nature of this incident? What is your comment on Pakistan’s response?

A: According to the investigation and notification of the Pakistani side, the attack on the Chinese Consulate-General in Karachi on November 23 is a terrorist attack, which killed two Pakistani police officers and injured one security guard. Two civilians were also killed and all the three militants were shot dead.

After the incident happened, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan sent a message of condolences to the Chinese Consul General by phone. Pakistani Foreign Minister Qureshi had an emergent telephone conversation with State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi, during which he informed the Chinese side of the relevant situation and condemns the terrorist act. The Governor and the Chief Minister of Sindh Province, together with the senior officials of the Pakistani military police, visited the Consulate General to express condolences. The Pakistani people from various sectors have expressed sympathy to the Chinese side through different channels. The Pakistani side said that they will do their utmost to solve the case, firmly crack down on the organization who is responsible for the attack and redouble their efforts to ensure the safety of the Chinese institutions and the Chinese citizens in Pakistan and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. The UN Security Council has also issued a chairman’s press statement to condemn the attack in strongest terms.

The Chinese side expresses heartfelt thanks to the Pakistani police for the swift and decisive actions they have taken to effectively safeguard the security of the staff of the Chinese Consulate-General. We deeply mourn for the Pakistani security personnel who lost their lives in the attack and express sincere sympathy to the injured. In order to pay tribute to the heroic deeds and sacrifice of the Pakistanians in defending the Chinese Consulate-General, the officials of the Chinese Consulate-General visited the injured security staff in the hospital and offered solatium to them and the bereaved families. Besides, many Chinese institutions and people in Pakistan, Chinese netizens and the Chinese around the world have made charitable donations on a voluntary basis.

When dealing with this incident, the Chinese and Pakistani governments and the two peoples firmly trust each other, support each other and show friendliness towards each other. The facts once again prove that the friendship between China and Pakistan is higher than mountains and deeper than oceans and that our two peoples share weal and woe. China and Pakistan deserve the title of all-weather strategic cooperative partners.

I would like to stress that any attempt to undermine the friendship between China and Pakistan is doomed to fail. China will maintain close communication with Pakistan on the follow-up matters. We are convinced that the Pakistani side is capable of upholding domestic security and stability and taking firm measures to earnestly safeguard China’s interests in Pakistan and protect the Chinese citizens and institutions there.

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