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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson’s Regular Press Conference on December 21, 2018

Q: Yesterday, someone cited the New York Times story on the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) where China and Pakistan plan to build some military equipment, including new fighter jets. Do you have any reaction to that?

A: This question was raised yesterday. I checked on it after the press conference. According to my information, the relevant report is not true.

The CPEC is an important cooperation framework with a view to the long-term cooperation and development between China and Pakistan in various fields, aiming to promote the economic and social development and enhance the livelihood of relevant regions. On December 20, the Joint Coordination Committee of the CPEC held its eighth meeting in Beijing. Going forward, the two sides will continue to implement the consensus reached by the leaders of the two countries and consolidate the early harvest projects of the CPEC, in particular expanding the CPEC to such fields as the building of industrial parks and social livelihood.

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