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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson’s Regular Press Conference on December 25, 2018

Q: Is Pakistani Foreign Minister visiting China now and is it connected to the current situation in Afghanistan?

A: This morning, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi held talks with Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi who made a special trip here. The two sides had in-depth discussions on the latest developments surrounding the situation in Afghanistan and reached broad consensus. The two sides agreed that military actions will not help solve the Afghanistan issue and political reconciliation represents the only practical and viable way out of it. The two sides welcomed the miscellaneous efforts made by all parties and expressed commitments to staying in close communication and strategic coordination. The two sides also agreed to deepen China-Pakistan all-weather strategic cooperative partnership and continuously elevate all-around cooperation.

Follow-up: How does China view the US decision to pull out of its troops from Afghanistan? In fact, there are mixed reactions from the neighborhood. It is concerned that this move may escalate tensions. There is already violence reported from Kabul today.

A: The US side makes its own decisions on whatever actions they take.

For us, our position on the Afghan issue is consistent. We always believe that military actions will not help solve the Afghanistan issue, and only an inclusive and political reconciliation process led and owned by the Afghan people can offer a practical and viable solution. China has been playing a constructive role in encouraging all parties in Afghanistan to achieve reconciliation and cooperation. We hope that all parties could work together to expedite Afghanistan’s reconciliation and cooperation process so that the Afghan people could enjoy peace, security and development at an early date. We believe that it will be a good thing for the whole South Asia region if Afghanistan can realize security, stability and development at an early date.

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