Journal : Global Times (Chinese) Date : Author : NA Page No. : 3

Our correspondent in India, Hu Bofeng, reports that on the 18th, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) Chairman, Sivan, said that although China has its distinctive advantages in the aerospace industry, India is not inferior to China in that field. And if India can complete its first manned space mission, “Gaganyaan”, by 2022, it will be on the same footing as China in respect of manned space flights.Indian Prime Minister Modi had announced the launching of Gaganyaan by 2022 in August last year.

The successful landing of the Chinese Lunar craft on the 4th has of late sparked heated discussions in India.In an interview to the Indian Daily News Analysis website on the 18th, Sivan expressed his ambition not to fall behind China. Noting that, in a first, China’s Chang’e IV had landed on the back side of the moon, India’s “Chandrayan II” will also reach the front side of the moon near the Southern pole. He particularly stressed that “if the plan is successful, India will become the first country in the world to reach this region.”

“Yuezhou 2” is a lunar probe jointly developed by the Indian Space Research Organization and the Russian Federal Space Agency. It is also the second lunar probe of India after “Chandrayan I”. However, the launch date of of “Yue Zhou 2” has been postponed repeatedly. The latest launch window announced by Sivan on the 18th is April this year. Explaining the reasons for the delay, Sivan said, “Many systems had to be shed due to capacity limitations”, and all systems are brand new, so it is necessary to test them repeatedly to improve their stability.

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