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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson’s Regular Press Conference on December 3, 2018

Q: The informal BRICS meeting and Russia-India-China (RIC) meeting were held on the sidelines of the G20 summit. Could you offer more information on these meetings? How do you comment on them?

A: The informal BRICS meeting and Russia-India-China (RIC) meeting were held on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina. President Xi Jinping attended these meetings and relevant press readouts have already been released. Here I would like to give you a recap.

During the informal BRICS meeting, the five BRICS leaders reaffirmed their commitments to implementing the outcomes of previous BRICS summits, enhancing solidarity and cooperation, further deepening and substantiating BRICS cooperation in various fields, and striving to play a bigger role in safeguarding international peace and security, promoting global growth, and improving global governance.

The BRICS countries also expressed their unanimous support for the WTO-centered and rules-based multilateral trading system and called on all WTO members to stand against unilateralist and protectionist measures which run counter to WTO rules. The BRICS countries are in favor of reforming the WTO, upholding the core values and basic principles of the WTO, and making sure that the WTO reflects the interests of all members, especially developing members.

During the RIC meeting, the three leaders agreed that Russia, China and India are all major countries of significant influence and each other’s important strategic partners for cooperation. Our three countries share a wide range of common interests and similar development goals and shoulder important responsibilities for the future of the region and the world. The three leaders agreed to enhance coordination, build consensus, and strengthen cooperation trilaterally to jointly contribute to world peace, stability and development.

Against the backdrop of a complicated and fluid international landscape and world politics, economy, trade and environment facing severe challenges from unilateralism and protectionism, these meetings gave out a strong message for supporting multilateralism, stepping up international cooperation and promoting mutual benefit and win-win results. They showcased the wish shared by emerging markets and developing countries to enhance solidarity and cooperation and safeguard common interests as well as the constructive and responsible role played by emerging markets in international affairs. They contributed more factors of stability and certainty to the international situation.

Q: Just now you gave elaborate details about the BRICS leaders’ meeting as well as the RIC leaders’ meeting in Buenos Aires. The leaders from Japan, the US and India also held their first meeting there. How does China view this?

A: China always remains open to the normal exchanges and cooperation between relevant countries. Meanwhile, we also hope that such exchanges and cooperation can promote the mutual trust and cooperation between regional countries and play a constructive role in maintaining peace, stability, development and prosperity of the Asia-Pacific region.

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