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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson’s Regular Press Conference on February 27, 2019


Q: In wake of intrusion into its airspace and violations of its territorial sovereignty by Indian air force yesterday, Pakistan has called upon the international community to condemn Indian aggression which has violated the UN Charter, support de-escalation, urge India to end its suppression in Indian-occupied Kashmir, and promote peace and stability in the region through engaging in dialogue. It also said that onus of escalation is with India. What is China’s comment?

A: Actually I answered a relevant question yesterday and made clear the Chinese side’s principled position.

We have noted recent developments as well as the positions made clear by India and Pakistan. As I said yesterday, India and Pakistan are both important countries in South Asia. We hope the two sides will bear in mind the peace and stability in the region, exercise restraint, step up dialogue and properly resolve relevant issue, so as to safeguard the fundamental interests of their countries, maintain peace and stability in the region and refrain from actions that might lead to further escalation of tensions.

Q: Just have a follow-up question on Pakistan and India. Pakistan just said that it has shot down two Indian military planes today in Kashmir. As a neighboring country, is China concerned about this move by Pakistan?

A: Like I said when taking the previous question raised by APP, regarding the recent developments which have drawn the attention of the international community, China’s position is clear-cut. Our concern is that India and Pakistan, two important countries in South Asia, will maintain good neighborliness and that South Asia will maintain peace and stability. So we hope both sides could exercise restraint, take measures conducive to promoting dialogue and work actively to contribute to the lasting peace and stability in South Asia.

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