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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson’s Regular Press Conference on February 28, 2019

Q: Yesterday, one pilot of the Indian Air Force was captured in the Pakistani territory, and the Indian government has requested that he should be treated, according to the Geneva Convention, as prisoners of war, and should be returned to India. So how does China comment on this?

A: Since yesterday, the Indian and Pakistani media and netizens have voiced some different views on this issue. As for what really happened, we shall not indulge ourselves in making more comments.

But I would like to reiterate that India and Pakistan are all important countries in South Asia. It is very important for the two countries to keep a harmonious relationship and jointly uphold regional peace and stability. The escalation of tensions between India and Pakistan following the recent events is not what we wish to see and is a cause of great concern to us. We hope that India and Pakistan will honor their pledge of preventing the situation from further deterioration or escalation and come back to the negotiating table at an early date so that the situation will be effectively brought under control and regional peace and stability will be restored. This serves the interests of all countries.

Follow-up: Do you think that all countries should adopt and practice the Geneva Convention in times of military conflict?

A: Not just the Geneva Convention. Like I just said, China believes that in international relations, all countries need to respect all the international law and the basic norms guiding international relations, including the UN Charter.

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