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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson’s Regular Press Conference on March 1, 2019

Q: After yesterday’s summit, the DPRK gets to keep all its nuclear assets including the two reprocessing plants that Trump referred to in his news conference, and there’s no date of a new meeting although Trump insisted that everybody left on good terms. This means that the DPRK continues to produce material for nuclear weapons and hasn’t given anything up. Does China accept that the DPRK is a nuclear state?

A: For what you said at the very beginning, could you tell me whose remarks they are?

Follow-up: I’m not saying anybody made these remarks. I’m saying that’s a presumption that they keep two reprocessing plants. That’s the fact. Does China accept the DPRK as a nuclear power similar to India and Pakistan? The second question is, will Kim Jong Un come to Beijing on his way home from Hanoi?

A: Regarding your first question, I would like to say that China has never recognized India and Pakistan as nuclear-weapon states. China’s position on the Treaty on the Non-proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) remains firm and unchanged.

As to your second question, like I said in these two days, Chairman Kim Jong Un is now on a friendly visit in Vietnam. It is not in China’s position to release any information on behalf of the government of another country.


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