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AI development, application a priority, official says. [Photo/IC]

With artificial intelligence (AI) becoming a new front in technological development, the government vows to continuously encourage the AI development and application through legislation, accompanied by forward-looking proactive prevention and restraint guidance to ensure safe and controllable application.

The legislation for AI is a priority and a debate will be carried out for the sound legal footing for the innovative development of AI by the government, said Zhang Yesui, spokesman for the second session of the 13th National People’s Congress, on Monday.

AI will bring a new round of technical revolution and industrial transform, while we should also notice that the uncertainties of the technology application might also bring new challenges in fields of ethics and social governance, he said.

The NPC standing committee has included AI-related legislative programs including data security and protection of personal information in the five-year legislative plan, to further encourage the AI innovative development with a solid legal guarantee system, he added.

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