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Extracts from Foreign Ministry Spokesperson’s Regular Press Conference on March 6, 2019

Q: Vice Foreign Minister Kong Xuanyou is said to be visiting Pakistan now. Can you confirm and give us more details?

A: At the invitation of the Pakistani side, Vice Foreign Minister Kong Xuanyou is now on a visit in Pakistan, exchanging views with the Pakistani side on the situation between India and Pakistan.

Q: The United Nations Security Council will discuss next week a proposal from France and Britain to blacklist the head of the Pakistani extremist group that is blamed for the attack in Kashmir. Will China support this proposal or will it abstain?

A: We have stated our position on this issue many times. It is a serious matter for the Security Council and its subsidiary body to take any action regarding the listing of terrorist organizations and individuals. China will take part in relevant deliberations in the Security Council and its subsidiary body in a responsible and conscientious way.

Q: Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a statement on March 5 that Pakistan’s High Commissioner to India will be returning to New Delhi soon. A Pakistani delegation will visit New Delhi on March 14, followed by the return visit of an Indian delegation to Islamabad on March 28, to discuss the Kartarpur Corridor along the Pakistan-India border. The statement also said that Pakistan will continue  its contact with India at Military Operations Directorate level. What is your comment?

A: We have noted relevant reports.

China welcomes the above-mentioned progress as stated by Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry which will help ease and improve the regional situation. We have said many times that Pakistan and India are permanent neighbors. Their harmonious co-existence serves the fundamental interests of the two sides and regional peace and stability. We hope that the two sides will continue to demonstrate goodwill, meet each other halfway, properly settle differences through dialogues, and improve bilateral relations. China will continue to play a constructive role in this regard.

Q: You just announced that Vice Foreign Minister Kong Xuanyou is in Islamabad at present and holding talks with the Pakistani government. Can you please provide us a little insight into what the thrust of the talks are going to be? Secondly, will China be advising Pakistan to crack down on the terrorist groups further? Thirdly, recently in the China-Russia-India Foreign Ministers’ meeting there was a resolution that the three countries will be working to eliminate the breeding ground of terrorism and extremism in the neighborhood, so will that particular message be carried out to Pakistan by the minister?

A: First, Just now I announced that Vice Foreign Minister Kong Xuanyou is in Pakistan at the invitation of the Pakistani government. His mission is very clear, to communicate with the Pakistani side on the recent tensions between India and Pakistan. The latest developments in India-Pakistan relations are not what we would like to see. China is committed to safeguarding regional peace and stability and hopes to see its two good friends India and Pakistan on good neighborly terms.

Second, I am sure you have noted the important statements Pakistan recently made on counter-terrorism, which, in fact, are in line with its long-term efforts to fight terrorism and contribute to the international counter-terrorism cause. The international community should accord Pakistan objective assessment and recognition. It is our hope that all sides could strive to build a favorable and enabling environment so that an international synergy will be formed in fighting terrorism.

Third, as to your question concerning the “breeding ground of terrorism”, a topic at the China-Russia-India foreign ministers’ meeting, it has been an important and consistent view and belief of China that there are complicated factors underlying the birth of terrorism. And we believe that to eradicate terrorism, we need to treat both symptoms and root causes.

Follow-up: Will he be visiting India too?

A: As we have said, China is in close contact with both India and Pakistan on the current situation to facilitate reconciliation and dialogue.

Q: About the UN 1267 Committee, the listing issue has come before this particular committee for several times. What China’s role is going to be? Because the rest of the P5 countries except China have said that they would like to back what France, the UK and the US had moved. So all eyes are on China now. Considering that Mr. Masood’s terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammed has admitted in open about the particular act of terrorism in Kashmir, and that China is playing a big role in trying to bring down the tensions, can we expect a more positive action from China this time at the 1267 committee?

A: I will add on my response to an earlier question raised by the Reuters that, the Security Council and its subsidiary bodies have explicit standards and rules on working procedures. China is participating in consultations in strict compliance with these standards and rules.

You are surely aware that multilateral discussions of these issues call for a serious and responsible attitude. China’s attitude shows its strong sense of responsibility and is conducive to the real and lasting resolution of relevant issues.

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