Journal : Guangming Daily (Chinese) Date : Author : NA Page No. : 9
A:  Recent events have once again focused the world’s attention on the Pakistan-Indian relationship. From the very beginning, the Chinese side emphasized that it is necessary to calm down and prevent the situation from escalating; to find out the truth and solve the problem through dialogue. In this process, the sovereignty and territorial integrity of each country should be fully respected. In line with the above principles, the Chinese side actively encouraged and promoted talks and played a constructive role in relieving tensions. In recent days, both Pakistan and India have exhibited will to prevent deterioration of the situation and resolve the issue through consultations. We welcome this.

Pakistan and India are neighbors who cannot move away (from each other). The people of the two countries share thousands of years of civilization in the South Asian subcontinent and are faced with important opportunities for stability, development and prosperity. We hope that the two sides will live in harmony, help each other and work together. China sincerely hopes that Pakistan and India will turn crises into opportunities and move together in the same direction.  And turn a new page as soon as possible to seek fundamental and long-term improvement of bilateral relations. Replacing confrontation with dialogue, dissolving differences in good faith, and creating a cooperative future.

Wang Yi: 2018 is of great significance in the history of Sino-Indian relations. President Xi Jinping held a historic meeting with Prime Minister Modi in Wuhan, which opened up a new model of high-level exchanges between China and India, enhanced mutual trust and friendship between the leaders of the two countries and also clarified the future direction of China-India relations. The general direction is that as two ancient civilizations with a population of 2.7 billion, as two major developing countries and two neighboring countries, we should mutually strive to be cooperative partners for realisation of our respective dreams and main opportunities for our respective economies and make appropriate contributions for the rejuvenation and prosperity of Asia. Over the past year, the Chinese and Indian government departments have achieved many results in implementing the consensus of the leaders of the two countries. The key now is to expand the strategic consensus of the leaders of the two countries into a common understanding of all levels of society in both countries and transform them into conscious actions by the two peoples. To this end, China is willing to work with India to comprehensively strengthen pragmatic cooperation, especially humanitarian exchanges, so that China-India friendship and cooperation surges forward like the Yangtze and Ganges rivers, and give a strong and lasting impetus to the development of bilateral relations.
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