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Extracts from Foreign Ministry Spokesperson’s Regular Press Conference on March 26, 2019

Q: The US State Department said that China systematically impedes access to Tibet, citing restrictions prohibiting diplomats, journalists and ordinary citizens from visiting. They also said that last year China rejected five out of nine US requests to visit Tibet. What’s your comment on this?

A: We have taken note of the report by the US State Department.

The so-called US “Reciprocal Access to Tibet Act” is a serious violation of the basic norms governing international relations. It grossly interferes in China’s internal affairs and sends utterly wrong signals to the separatist forces of “Tibetan Independence”, severely undermining China-US exchange and cooperation. China firmly opposes that. The so-called US report based on the above-mentioned act is in total disregard of facts and full of bias. China will by no means accept it.

I must emphasize that Tibetan affairs are purely China’s internal affairs, where no foreign interference is allowed to meddle. China’s Tibet is open to people from around the world. Considering the special geographical and climatic conditions in the region, it is necessary and indisputable that the government takes some lawful measures on the regulation and protection of foreigners regarding their entry into Tibet. We welcome more foreign citizens to visit, travel and do business in Tibet. This policy won’t change. However, they must abide by Chinese laws and relevant regulations and follow necessary procedures.

We urge the US to fully recognize the high sensitivity of Tibet-related issues, take concrete measures to remove the negative impact produced by the above-mentioned report, and stop using Tibet-related issues as a tool to interfere in China’s internal affairs, so as to avoid damaging our bilateral relations, exchange and cooperation.

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