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Extracts from Foreign Ministry Spokesperson’s Regular Press Conference on March 28, 2019

Q: So the US has circulated a draft resolution to UN Security Council to blacklist Masood Azhar. Given that China has vetoed past actions to add Masood Azhar to the sanctions blacklist, what is China’s response to this recent draft resolution?

A: I will need to correct you. China has not vetoed anything relating to this matter. We put a hold on the application and voiced a different view in the sanctions committee. It’s something completely different from a veto in the Security Council.

Follow-up: You are saying that China has never blocked actions to add Azhar to the sanctions blacklist?

A: You are referring to the 1267 Committee. That and the Security Council, to which your original question is related, are two different levels.

Follow-up: Can you then just comment on this draft resolution to the UN Security Council?

A: The request to designate Masood a global terrorist was put forward to the Security Council 1267 Committee not long ago. China has put a technical hold on the application as more time is needed for a comprehensive and thorough assessment. This is in line with the rules of procedure of the 1267 Committee and there are many such precedents.

The Masood designation issue involves a series of complicated factors. China has noted that relevant parties have expressed willingness to conduct dialogue and consultation. China has also been promoting proper settlement of the issue through dialogue. Under current circumstances, the Security Council should act prudently and play a constructive role by allowing time and space for dialogue and consultation between parties concerned.

The US is bypassing the 1267 Committee by putting forward its draft resolution directly to the Security Council. Such an act will do nothing to facilitate a solution through consultation and will only lead to further complication of the issue. It has undermined the authority of the 1267 Committee as a main counter-terrorism agency at the Security Council and is not conducive to upholding the unity of the Security Council.

China urges the US to respect the will and efforts of parties to the issue and observe traditions of the Security Council to safeguard the 1267 Committee’s authority and the Security Council’s unity. We hope the US will by all means exercise prudence and refrain from forceful actions.

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