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Extracts from Foreign Ministry Spokesperson’s Regular Press Conference on March 28, 2019

Q: US Secretary of State Pompeo said that when China uses debt as a trap, engages in spying through its enterprises and poses risks through its technology companies, the US wants to make sure that relevant countries know about the risks and make their own decisions. What is your comment?

A: For some time, it seems that some US politicians cannot go anywhere without attacking China, tarnishing China’s reputation, and sensationalizing the so-called “China threat”. They frame China’s development assistance as a “debt trap” and accuse Chinese enterprises of spying with trumped-up charges. These actions are extremely immoral and unfair.

China has been carrying out cooperation with developing countries on the basis of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit and has been providing assistance to them within its capabilities and with no political strings attached. Such cooperation has helped these countries achieve economic and social development and improved local people’s lives and has been welcomed by them. The amount of debts they have incurred from cooperation projects with China only accounts for a very small proportion of their total debts, and no country has fallen into the so-called “debt trap” because of cooperation with China. The US allegations are not supported by facts. Such random smear campaign against China will get nowhere.

China has been asking its enterprises to strictly abide by local laws and regulations when running their businesses overseas. Some forces in the US, driven by political motives, have been leaving no stones unturned in attempts to crush Chinese enterprises and peddle the theory that China is spying through its enterprises. They intend to cripple Chinese enterprises to serve their malign ulterior motives. But people see through their game. They are doing all these to defend their dominance in economy, science and technology. Their trick of a thief crying thief is doomed to fail.

I want to stress that a lie, even repeated a thousand times, will still be a lie. Certain people in the US should not overestimate the effectiveness of their rumor-mongering or underestimate other people’s ability to make informed judgments. We urge these people to correct their attitude, discard the the cold-war and zero-sum mindset, adopt an objective and accurate view towards C

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