Journal : Global Times (Chinese) Date : Author : Zhen Xiang Page No. : 2

Sub-title Pak PM: one day, this map will become the permanent map of Pakistan


Pakistan has launched various commemorative and counter-measures on the first anniversary of India’s repeal of the special status of Indian-administered Kashmir.

According to a Pakistan’s ARY news network report of the 5th, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan made a statement that day, saying that the Modi government was fomenting Hindu nationalism, committing crimes against humanity in Indian-administered Kashmir, and trying to change the local demography. Muslims, the majority in the original population, have turned into a minority community. A day earlier, the Pakistani Cabinet approved a new version of the country’s political map, incorporating all of Indian-administered Kashmir.

“One day, this map will be the permanent map of Pakistan”, In a televised address on the new political map, Imran Khan said the new map reflects the stand of the people of Pakistan and Indian-held Kashmir on the Kashmir issue and also shows the illegality and ineffectiveness of India’s action against Kashmir a year ago. “We and the Kashmiris will never accept India’s illegal actions and its oppression of the Kashmiri people.” Imran Khan appealed to the international community to take immediate action to implement the relevant UN Security Council resolutions on Kashmir and compel India to change its ways, which is the only way to resolve the Kashmir issue.

Pakistan observed 5 August as “Kashmir Distress Day”. The day was marked by various activities across the country, including a minute of silence and solidarity marches in support of the people of Indian-administered Kashmir nation wide. The President and Foreign Minister of Pakistan participated in local marches in the capital Islamabad. In addition, the Government of Pakistan renamed the Kashmir highway in the country as the Srinagar highway (Srinagar is the capital of the Union Territory of Jammu-Kashmir) and issued postage stamps exposing India’s human rights violations. (Zhen Xiang)


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