Journal : Global Times (Chinese) Date : Author : Hu Bofeng Page No. : 3

Has India’s position on the issue of the stand-off on the Sino-Indian border softened? The Deccan Herald of the 10th quoted a source as saying that India has conveyed its desire to “end the military confrontation with China at an early date” to ensure success of the upcoming meetings of the leaders of the BRICS countries and the SCO Summit to Russia.

According to reports, India will participate in the BRICS leaders’ meeting and the SCO summit in a few months, so hopes that the standoff will end soon so as not to cast a shadow over the upcoming meetings and Summit. The report revealed that Moscow is quietly holding talks with India and China to help the two countries resolve their problems. The BRICS leaders’ meeting and the SCO Summit were originally scheduled to be held in St. Petersburg, Russia in July this year. However, due to the new corona pneumonia epidemic, they were postponed. Moscow is currently planning to hold these meetings in October. According to Indian media analysts, Indian Foreign Minister Jaishankar may visit Russia next month to attend the BRIC Foreign Ministers’ Meeting. At that time, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi will also attend, and Russia may create an opportunity for the Chinese and Indian Foreign Ministers to meet separately to cool tensions between China and India.

India’s “The Print” news network also disclosed that at the video conference of the Foreign Ministers of China, India and Russia in June, the parties discussed the possibility of the leaders of the three countries meeting during the G20 Riyadh Summit. An anonymous source said that a Summit meeting between China, India and Russia would be important for promoting regional cooperation, sustainable development and stability. But another official said that the proposal is still under discussion, and China and India have not yet confirmed their participation. However, he added, that “the trilateral Defense Ministers Meeting of China, India and Russia is acceptable, though the time has not yet been determined”.

According to a “Hindustan Times” report, Jaishankar said on the 8th that if India and China can “reach a certain equilibrium”, they can overcome their differences once and for all, but achieving this equilibrium is a major challenge before the two countries. This is the second time in the past 10 days that he has expressed his views on India-China relations. Earlier, on the eve of the fifth round of the China-India military commander-level talks, he stated that “maintaining a balance with China is not easy” and stressed that ensuring peace and tranquility on the border has been the foundation for developing relations with China for successive governments’ China policies. Jayadeva, an expert on Indian geopolitics, told the HQSB  reporter that the two statements of Jaishankar conveyed a common signal to the Chinese side: Although India’s hard line stance on the border issue will not change in the short term, there is still room for the two sides to promote a turnaround in their relations. It is also necessary to jointly find ways and means to improve the relationship.

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