Journal : Global Times (Chinese) Date : Author : Source: World Wide Web Author: Ren Meizai Page No. : NA

When talking about national security, Modi made the following statement: “An independent India naturally pays attention to national security. Whenever we perform a mission, our security forces always demonstrate their capabilities to the outside world. No matter what, the terrorism we are facing as also infiltration. Our security personnel have all along been ready to make sacrifices. Our military is ready to face any challenge. National security is our top priority”.Modi also said, “When a surgical strike is performed, India’s capabilities get known to the world”.

When talking about the “Jammu and Kashmir” issue, Modi said: “We must work hard for the progress of the Jammu and Kashmir issue. Insults and bullets cannot solve the Kashmir issue. Only by opening our arms to the Kashmiri people (can we solve the problem)”.

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