Journal : Global Times (Chinese) Date : Author : Huan Qiu ShiBao reporter Liu Haoran Page No. : 3

There has been a rising sentiment amongst the Indian people over the past two months, in the wake of the border confrontation and instigation by populist forces, to “boycott Chinese goods”.  (However) a recent poll shows that it will be impossible for Indians to decouple from “Made in China”, with nearly half of the respondents supporting the operations of Chinese companies operating in India.

According to India’s Ommcom news network of the 20th, the latest report of the Indian research organization “Local Circles” showed that up to 49% of the respondents said that India should allow Chinese companies to operate and sell related products and services in the country. But, this segment of the interviewees expressed caution about the business model of Chinese-funded companies: although they agreed that Chinese companies should be able to do business in India, they also believe that the data they collect “must stay in India” and must not be taken away to their headquarters in China. 35% of respondents believed that the sales activities of Chinese companies in India should be “completely prohibited”; another 14% of respondents said that such companies should be allowed to sell only “Made in India” products.”Local Circles” also interviewed more than 3,000 small business owners in the country on the issue of “China dependence,” and found that the business community is quite divided on this. Among them, 7% of the respondents said that if their economic ties with China were cut off, it would have an “extremely negative impact” on business; 20% of the respondents said there would be “a negative impact to some extent”, and another 24% of respondents said it would have a “positive effect.”

According to a report by Bloomberg News of the 21st, the Indian authorities intend to further tighten Chinese activities in India. Visas of Chinese businessmen, scholars, industry experts and their rights and interests in India may be subjected to additional “security scrutiny” — similar to the long-term measures taken against neighboring Pakistan. An unnamed Indian official said that the Indian government was currently reviewing various cooperation agreements signed between the country’s universities and their Chinese counterparts. It can be expected that cooperation between the universities of the two countries will “substantially decrease” in the future. The Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs declined a comment on the report.

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