Journal : Global Times (Chinese) Date : Author : Zhao Jianxing, Overseas Network Page No. : 5

Nearly one-tenth of the population of endangered ancient tribes in India has been diagnosed

(Image source: Getty)Overseas Network, August 27th. The epidemic continues to spread in India unabated, and it has even affected ancient tribes living in remote areas. According to Indian media reports of the 27th, an ancient tribe in the Andaman-Nicobar Islands that is endangered has experienced an epidemic. Five of the tribes which have only a little over 50 people have been diagnosed.

According to the Hindu, Avijit Roy, an official of the local  health service department in Port Blair, said that the government conducted a new corona virus test on the Greater Andaman tribe living in the archipelago last week and found 4 men and 1 woman diagnosed. “We have transferred the infected to the isolation facility in Port Blair. They are doing very well and are not currently in serious physical condition,” he said.

Local map (source: “Hindu”)

Turning to the causes of infections in tribes in remote areas, Roy analyzed that some members travel between Port Blair and the island, and some still work in the city. He said that the local government is taking all measures to control the spread of the virus amongst various tribes. In addition to transferring some residents of a tribe, they have also arranged more tests for the new corona virus. Nevertheless, some tribes still live in isolated areas, it is difficult to get in touch them or contact them.

The Indian media pointed out that the Greater Andaman tribe belongs to one of the five “particularly vulnerable tribes” living in the archipelago. It has its own language. A recent study showed that its population is only 51 persons. Throughout the Andaman-Nicobar Islands, the number of confirmed cases as of the 25th has reached 2,945, with 37 deaths.

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