Journal : Global Times (Chinese) Date : Author : Reporter Pan Liang Page No. : NA

A French woman was arrested by the local police for filming and posting an indecent video naked on a bridge in India regarded as a holy land by the locals.

According to an AFP report on August 31, the location of the 27-year-old French woman’s “naked” video is in Rishikesh, India’s main yoga retreat. As the “sacred river”, this bridge named Lakshmanchula is regarded as the “sacred bridge” because of its special location, attracting many tourists, especially yoga lovers. The police arrested the woman for distributing pornographic images on the Internet. Afterwards, the woman explained that she “did not know her behavior was against local customs” and argued that she was shooting nude videos because she was selling jewelry online and needed to stimulate sales. , Has nothing to do with pornography.

Unexpectedly, the woman later told AFP another version of the reason: “I was naked on the bridge because I was harassed by local men. I think many Indian women and female tourists feel the same. The naked video is actually to help oppressed Indian women.” According to the report, the woman is currently released on bail, but the phone has been confiscated by the police and will be sentenced to up to three years in prison.

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