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Prasar Bharati: Both India and China are saying that they are in regular touch through military and diplomatic channels. Still, after three months, complete disengagement is nowhere in sight. India has been consistently demanding that status quo of April be restored. I wonder if there is any comment from your side?

MOFA : On the boundary issue that is left over from history, China always believes that a fair and reasonable agreement acceptable to both parties can be reached by the two sides through peaceful and friendly consultations. For some time, the two sides have been in touch and in talks at various levels and making efforts to seek peaceful settlement to the boundary issue and jointly safeguard peace and stability of the border areas.

But on August 31, in violation of the consensus reached by China and India through talks and meetings at various levels, the Indian troops again illegally crossed the LAC at the southern bank of the Pangong Tso Lake and near the Reqin Mountain, which are in the western sector of the China-India boundary. Their flagrant provocations again led to tensions on the border. The Indian side has severely undermined China’s territorial sovereignty, breached bilateral agreements and important consensus, and damaged peace and tranquility in the border areas, which runs counter to the recent efforts made by both sides for de-escalation of tensions on the ground. China firmly opposes such a move and has lodged stern representations with the Indian side. We urge India to immediately stop all provocations, withdraw its troops who illegally crossed the LAC, and refrain from any moves that may escalate tensions or complicate matters.

Prasar Bharati: Both the Indian and Chinese sides have been saying that the other side has taken provocative steps. To clear the confusion among us, can you throw some light on it?

MOFA : What India said may differ from what China said, but there’s only one simple truth. The facts, and the truth, is only one.

Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China more than 70 years ago, we have never initiated a war or conflict, and never taken an inch of land that is not ours. In fact, China’s border troops have been strictly abiding by the LAC and they’ve never trespassed. The Indian side should respect facts and take concrete actions with the good will of preserving China-India relations, so as to jointly preserve peace and tranquility of the border areas.

We’ve noted that some Indian media have reported extensively on India deploying more troops in the border areas. If proven true, such a move runs counter to the shared wish of the two peoples, which is to live in peace and ensure a sound and steady development of China-India relations. We hope that India will take China’s concerns seriously and take concrete actions to ensure the peace and tranquility of the border areas and the sound development of China-India relations.

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