Journal : China Military Online Date : Author : China Military Network Editor: Liu Shangjing Page No. : NA

This statement was issued at 01:41 hours on Tuesday September 8, 2020

The spokesperson of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army’s Western Theater Command, Colonel Zhang Shuili, made a statement on the provocation of the Indian army’s illegal crossing of the line in the Western section of the China-India border at the Southern bank of Pangong Lake near the Shenpao Mountain area. In the course of the operation, the Indian troops blatantly fired threatening shots at Chinese border guard patrols who had gone out to negotiate, and they were forced to take countermeasures to stabilize and control the situation on the ground. India’s actions seriously violated the relevant agreements and agreements between China and India, which heightened tensions in the region and made the situation highly susceptible to misunderstandings and misjudgments. They are severe military provocations and are of very egregious nature. We demand that the Indian side immediately stop dangerous activities, pull back trespassers, strictly discipline frontline troops, hold those who fired the shots in provocation accountable and make sure such incidents will not be repeated. The Chinese troops will resolutely fulfill their duty and defend China’s territorial sovereignty.


(The statement of the Ministry of Defence, India of September 8, 2020 10:49 AM, in response apparently, can be seen here.)


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