Journal : Date : Author : Huan Qiu Network reporter Ma Yan Page No. : NA

(N.B. This item was published in the on-line version of Huan Qiu Shi Bao but not in the print edition.) 

According to a September 10 report on the Hindustan Times website, India and Japan recently signed a key agreement stipulating that the armed forces of the two countries can provide goods and services to each other, which is expected to push military cooperation between the two countries closer together.

Modi (left) and Abe (right)According to reports, the Agreement stipulates that the Japanese Self-Defense Forces and the Indian military can provide material and service support to each other in the course of evacuation of citizens of the two countries from overseas, during joint exercises and training, UN peacekeeping operations, humanitarian relief operations, disaster response operations in either country or in third countries and in emergency situations.The materials and services specified in the agreement include food, water, transportation (including air transportation), gasoline, clothing, communications, medical treatment, use of facilities, spare parts, repair and maintenance services, etc.This agreement is valid for 10 years and will be automatically extended for 10 years unless one of the parties decides to terminate the agreement.

India has also signed similar agreements with the United States, Australia, France, Oman and Singapore.

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