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State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi was asked for his views on China-India relations during a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov in Moscow on September 11, 2020, local time.

Wang Yi said, at present, the outside world is very concerned about China-India relations. Foreign Minister Jaishankar and I had a wide-ranging and in-depth exchange of views on the border situation and bilateral relations during the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Foreign Ministers’ Meeting. Earlier, I also had a telephone conversation with Foreign Minister Jaishankar and National Security Adviser Doval. At yesterday’s meeting, the Indian side expressed its positive willingness to reduce border tensions through diplomatic and political channels, and the Chinese side was willing to do the same to meet each other halfway. The two sides reached a five-point consensus on this and issued a joint press release. It is China’s hope that these understandings will be put into practice.  Most important is that Indian front-line soldiers in the border areas not violate their commitments again, especially that firing incidents not recur, and, at the same time, that all transgressing personnel and equipment be withdrawn completely as soon as possible so as to restore peace and tranquility in the border areas. The two sides can continue dialogue and negotiations on this basis to create conditions for a final settlement of the border issue.

(N.B. The Indian Ministry of External Affairs press release on the meeting can be seen here)


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