Journal : Global Times (Chinese) Date : Author : Bai Yanyi, Xie Wenting Page No. : 7
URL : 部分印媒误读我们与中国的合作 


As for progress of bilateral relations between China and Nepal, one country has been paying great attention to it – India. Some of the Indian media often take a contrary view of the cooperation between China and Nepal, speculating that China is “competing for regional influence”. In June this year, the House of Representatives of Nepal’s Federal Parliament voted for a Constitutional amendment declaring India’s disputed territory as its own territory, and the Indian media even claimed that this was at the instigation of  China.


“I have always said that China guarantees the right to life and freedom of its people. And certain countries, they call themselves ‘defenders of freedom.’ Freedom is meaningful only if people are alive, and if life itself is gone, how can we pursue it?” Pandey asked rhetorically.


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