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Extracts from Foreign Minster Wang Yi’s Interview to Xinhua


Reporter: The first internal Afghan negotiations were launched in Qatar a few days ago. The Afghan government and the Taliban both sent representatives to participate. How does China view the prospects of Afghan internal negotiations? What are your expectations for the future of Afghanistan?

  Wang Yi: The four countries visited this time are all close neighbors of Afghanistan and they are all concerned about the peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan. As a sincere friend of Afghanistan, China sincerely hopes that all parties to the peace talks in Afghanistan will put national justice and national interests first, and find an effective political solution to the Afghan issue as soon as possible.

The Chinese side attended the opening ceremony of the first Afghan internal negotiations by video. We emphasized that we should adhere to the fundamental direction of a political settlement, adhere to the basic principles of Afghan leadership, and adhere to the framework goal of broad tolerance. At the same time, it is hoped that the new Afghan regime structure will unswervingly combat terrorism, pursue a peaceful and friendly foreign policy, and push Afghanistan towards a path of peace, stability and development.

It is not only the greatest desire of the 37 million Afghan people, but also the interests of regional countries and the international community to end the war in Afghanistan at an early date and usher in peace again. China will, as always, continue to be a supporter, mediator and facilitator of the peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan. We call on the international community and regional countries to uphold justice and morality, jointly support the peaceful reconstruction of Afghanistan, and to withdraw foreign military forces in an orderly and responsible manner to ensure a smooth transition of the situation in Afghanistan.

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