Journal : Date : Author : Global Net Reporter Wang Xinyi Page No. : NA

On September 25, local time, the general debate at the 75th UN General Assembly session entered the fourth day. According to India’s Asia News Agency, when Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan was preparing to deliver a speech, the Indian representative suddenly got up and left the meeting. The video shows that as soon as Imran Khan’s first words sounded, Indian diplomat, Mijito Vinito, immediately got up and then left straight through the UN General Assembly Chamber. The Permanent Representative of India to the United Nations, Tirumurti, posted on the social platform Twitter that the Pakistani Prime Minister’s speech had plunged India-Pakistan relations into a “new diplomatic low”.

The tension in India-Pakistan relations is mainly related to the Kashmir issue. According to the official website of the United Nations, Imran Khan said in his speech that on August 5 last year (2019), India illegally took unilateral actions to try to change the status of occupied areas and send additional troops there. A total of 900,000 Indian troops are currently posted in the area populated by 8 million Kashmiris. All political leaders in Kashmir have been arrested, nearly 13,000 Kashmiri youths have been detained and thousands have been tortured. India has also imposed a total curfew and a complete communication blockade on the ground.

Imran Khan believes that the ultimate goal of India’s actions is to change the demographic structure of the occupied territories and completely destroy Kashmir’s identity, in order to change the outcome of the referendum required by the Security Council Resolution. According to the Geneva Convention, the above acts constitute war crimes.

India and Pakistan have always had a dispute over sovereignty of the Kashmir region, and the two countries have gone to war many times over this. In 1972, India and Pakistan signed the “Simla Agreement” and the two sides re-established a line of control, dividing Kashmir into two parts. Although the overall situation in the region has eased, the two sides have continued to exchange fire in Kashmir from time to time for a long time.

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