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“The confidence and respect that 1.3 billion Indian people have for the United Nations is unparalleled, but we have also waited a long time for UN reform …… How long exactly will it be before India joins the UN’s decision-making system?” Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi tried hard to sell a more important role for India in the UN in his video address to the UN General Assembly’s general debate on the 26th, reports New Delhi TV.

According to the Hindustan Times and New Delhi TV, Modi spoke in a pre-recorded 20-minute video that day. According to New Delhi TV, Modi made a strong pitch for India. He said India has “more than 18 percent of the world’s population, hundreds of languages, hundreds of dialects, multiple sects and ideologies, and we have been the world’s leading economy for centuries, and have experienced centuries of foreign domination.”

Video clip of Modi’s speech

“India has never been a threat to the international community whenever it has been strong, nor has it been a burden to the world in times of national weakness. How long will a country like India have to wait when dramatic changes affecting a large part of the globe have taken place ?” He also added, “Today, every Indian, while lauding India’s contribution to the United Nations, is also looking forward to a greater role for the country in the UN.”

Modi also said that India will discharge its duties as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council from January next year.

Moreover, Modi also called for reforms in the UN. According to New Delhi TV, he said that the global body needs to adapt and change to stay up to date, “The UN needs to be reformed and India is waiting for that reform to happen.”

The Hindustan Times noted that in his 20-minute speech, Modi did not directly mention Pakistan and the China-India border standoff.

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