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On October 3, 2020, India successfully test-fired a nuclear-tipped SHAURYA (DAUNTLESS) ballistic missile (India also has a Nirbhay cruise missile, also known as Fearless in Chinese; to avoid confusion, this missile is referred to as SHAURYA), according to the Indian Defense News website.

According to the article, on October 3, India successfully test-fired a new nuclear-tipped SHAURYA missile off the coast of Orissa, with an effective range of about 800 kilometers, and achieved a major success.

Photo: India test-fired the new “fearless” missile, Indian media hailed: launched from the Chinese coast can cover many cities!

India successfully test-fires nuclear warhead-capable SHAURYA supersonic missile

Highly placed government sources revealed to ANI that the test firing of the new missile was so successful that it will be incorporated into India’s strategic forces to complement the existing missiles of the same class. The sources added that the missile will be lighter and easier to operate than the existing missiles. The sources also said that the missile flew at hypersonic speed during the final stages of approaching the target.

The sources pointed out that India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has been working towards complete self-reliance in the field of strategic missiles. Earlier this year, following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call for an initiative that India’s defence sector should be self-reliant, India has taken a firm step towards this goal and will continue to work towards it.

The SHAURYA missile, a land-based variant of the Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile (SLBM) K-15, completed developmental trials in 2011.

An important part of India’s nuclear deterrent, the SHAURYA missile is highly manoeuvrable and capable of evading attacks by anti-ballistic missile defence systems.

PHOTO: India test-fired the new “NIRBHAYA” missile, Indian media hailed: launched from the Chinese coast can cover many cities!

SHAURYA missiles can be launched underground and are highly concealable.

The article emphasizes that the test launch is significant because the missile was developed in response to China. Although India has adopted a “no first use” Policy, launched from a submarine off the Chinese coast, this missile can cover many of its major cities.

The article said, SHAURYA missile can be stored in a composite container, which is easy to handle and transport. The missile is fast and agile, and before it hits its target, the opposing radar has less than 400 seconds to detect, track and intercept it. The SHAURYA missile is powered by solid fuel, but can attack targets like a cruise missile.

A defence scientist involved in the project said that the SHAURYA missile uses a two-stage rocket propulsion that accelerates the missile to six times the speed of sound, and after the missile reaches an altitude of 40 km, it starts flying like a missile. Once it reaches the target area, it maneuvers towards the target and then delivers a precise strike on it. The missile has an effective range of about 750 km and can carry a warhead with a payload of up to 1 ton. The missile, which is 10 metres long and about 0.5 metres in diameter, is propelled by a solid rocket for longer life and shorter launch times.

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