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Chief of Staff of the Indian Air Force Rakesh Kumar Singh Bhaduria said that the Indian Air Force is ready for air strikes against China but (the situation) has not reached that point yet, reports India Today website on October 5. Bhaduria also said that the Indian Air Force is ready to conduct a two-front operation amid escalating tensions with China and Pakistan.

Photo: Chief of Staff of the Indian Air Force, General Rakesh Kumar Singh Bhaduria.

The integration of Rafale fighter jets gives India an edge over its rivals, including “pre-emptive strike” and “deep strike” capability, Bhaduria said on Monday (October 5). He said, “the integration of the ‘Rafale’ gives the Indian Air Force a far superior platform, which will give us an edge and will give us the ability to strike first in depth.” Bhaduria also said, “Over the next five years, we will start inducting 83 LCA Mark 1A Glory fighters, along with an order for HTT-40 trainers (Indian-made junior trainers) and Light Combat Helicopters (LCHs). ”

Bhadauria said that the situation in the standoff on the India-China border had not reached the point where airstrikes could be carried out, but that the Indian Air Force was ready. He said that the Indian Air Force has been “fully prepared” to deal with any possible conflict, including a two-front war.

According to the article, Bhaduria’s remarks come amid growing tensions in India’s relations with China and Pakistan in the border areas. “We realised what China was doing in the so-called ‘Ladakh region’ in May. When India realised this, the Indian Army and Air Force reacted very swiftly,” Bhaduria said.

Photo: IAF Chief of Staff: Indian Air Force already has 5 Rafale fighter jets in service

In an interview with India Today, the Indian Air Force Chief also claimed that Pakistan and China are working closely together, that “extensive exercises” are being conducted by them and that Pakistan is dependent on China in many ways.

Bhaduria said there was no reason why China should be able to defeat India in the event of a conflict. “We have deployed in all the relevant areas wherever the Indian Air Force is responsible for the border security with China and the ‘Ladakh area’ is just a small part of it, . We are deployed in a good position and we are ready to deal with any conflict, including a two-front war”, adding, “rest assured that we have deployed a strong force to deal with any eventuality.”

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