Journal : Date : Author : Huan Qiu Shi Bao Network Reporter Xu Luming Page No. : NA

photo: India’s first indigenously-produced aircraft carrier “Vikrant” under construction

According to reports, if all goes well, the “Vikrant” will be tested at sea in December this year and is expected to enter service by end 2021.Chief of Staff of the Indian Navy, General Karambir Singh, visited the South India Naval Command and  the Cochin Shipyard from September 14th to 18th with other senior officers to review the progress of the construction of the Indian-made aircraft carrier. The aircraft carrier will be the largest warship equipped by the Indian Navy and is currently in an “advanced stage of construction.

“The source said that the mooring test is to verify the aircraft carrier’s propulsion, power transmission and bearing systems. The structural installation of these systems was completed in February this year. It is not clear whether the computer hardware theft incident on the aircraft carrier last September had an impact on the construction progress of the aircraft carrier.

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