Journal : Ministry of National Defense Date : Author : People's Liberation Army News (Reporter Sun Xingwei, Correspondent Zhao Yan) Page No. : NA

Our army’s new type of disassembly and assembly self-powered thermal insulation shelters appeared on the plateau border defense

Realizable in the high-altitude and cold areas without support

Rapid deployment of large-scale field camp support capabilities and new breakthroughs

 Recently, a new type of disassembly and assembly of self-powered heat preservation method composed of 7 modules including dormitory, canteen, integrated toilet, dry self-cleaning toilet, warehouse, microgrid, heating equipment, etc. The cabin is officially settled in the plateau border defense forces of our army. The person in charge of the relevant department of the Logistics Support Department of the Central Military Commission stated that the new type of disassembled self-powered thermal insulation cabin is mainly used by the border and coastal defense forces in the plateau, alpine and island regions, as well as the training and temporary deployment of troops. , To support the military’s combat readiness training operations in extreme climatic environments, to provide reliable guarantees for the troops to perform better patrols, scientifically and safely survive the winter, and to explore new models for the rapid deployment of troops in field camps in extreme climatic environments.

The thermal insulation shelter was developed by the Army Engineering University. It is mainly designed for military applications in plateaus and cold regions with inconvenient transportation and no support. It can be built and used immediately after the mission needs, reducing the dependence on long-distance fuel distribution in the rear. Self-built and energy self-sufficient” characteristics. It has strong adaptability to the plateau environment. It can work normally in the temperature -55℃ and the altitude of 5500 meters. It can adapt to the whole road. The installation time is short. The construction method is simple. It does not need large machinery. It can be installed normally in areas without water and electricity. The structure is removable. The space can be changed, and more than 90% of the components can be reused. It is an integrated design of architecture, structure, energy and equipment, and has excellent thermal insulation performance. Sewage discharge adopts integrated biodegradable dry self-cleaning toilet; integrated photovoltaic micro-grid to achieve self-sufficiency in energy. At the same time, it has the advantages of quick production and installation.

The dismountable self-powered thermal insulation shelter is a combination of dismountable structure, ultra-low energy consumption, renewable energy combined heat and power and passive solar houses. It adopts integrated steel tenon structure, sandwich polyurethane insulation composite board, wind-light— Diesel-storage multi-source micro-grid, biodegradable tank and other components, the biggest feature is the combination of passive solar house and active solar heat collection for indoor heating. Outdoors can ensure that the indoor temperature is higher than 15 at -40℃ ℃, when encountering long-term rain and snow, diesel heaters can also be used for emergency heating.

It is understood that in the past two years, disassembled self-powered thermal insulation shelters have been equipped and used in a few outposts in the plateau and alpine areas, and have withstood the test of the cold plateau in the winter. The officers and soldiers reported that this room provides a good housing guarantee for work, study and training under extreme cold conditions.

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