Journal : Huanqiu Shibao website Date : Author : Xinhua reporters Chen Shang Cai, Hou Jie Page No. : NA

With the advent of autumn and winter, the picturesque scenery of the Tibetan plateau attracts domestic and foreign tourists. Experts remind that the air in Tibet is low in oxygen in autumn and winter, the air pressure fluctuates and the temperature difference between day and night is considerable. Visitors should pay close attention to these physical changes while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the plateau, and take self-protection measures against the new corona pneumonia epidemic. The Tourism Department reminds that tourists should choose a registered and reputable travel agency and sign a formal contract when going to Tibet, abide by the law and local religions and customs, and never travel alone or go to no-man’s land zones.

Medical experts remind tourists to check their cardiopulmonary function before entering Tibet and not enter the plateau with any ailment. After entering Tibet, the diet should be light, eat less greasy, spicy, and irritating food, drink sufficient amounts of water to add moisture; do not drink alcohol, and ensure adequate and good sleep. When first arriving in the plateau, visitors should pay attention to protection against the Sun, not walk or run quickly, not overwork and must pay attention to cold and warm to prevent colds. In the absence of portable oxygen generators and anti-hypoxic drugs, tourists should not rush into areas above 5000 meters above sea level to avoid acute high altitude pulmonary edema.

Until relaxation of epidemic prevention and control measures, doctors remind the public to prevent and control respiratory infectious diseases in autumn and winter, including maintenance of adequate ventilation, washing hands frequently, social distancing, wearing masks when ventilation is not good or in a gathering people and paying close attention to information issued by authorities and departments concerned while there is a risk alert of the epidemic.

The Tourism Development Department of the Tibet Autonomous Region recommends: first, clients should choose a registered and reputable travel agency and sign a formal contract; second, there are speed restrictions when driving in Tibet and the itinerary and route should be planned during the trip. Reserve tickets for scenic spots or other attractions in advance; fourth is to please abide by laws and local religions and customs while travel in Tibet; fifth is about dining and travel expectations, please tell the tour guide what you like and dislike.

At the same time, the Lhasa Market Supervision Administration reminds tourists that tourists should try their best to choose formal platforms or large shopping malls in the process of hotel reservation and tourism purchases to avoid unnecessary economic losses. Tourists who encounter consumer related disputes during the trip should handle their complaints rationally, refrain from excessive behavior, keep good credentials, and call the 12315 hotline for complaints.

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