Journal : Global Times (Chinese) Date : Author : NA Page No. : 4

According to a report from India Today of the 12th, 4 Bollywood Film Associations and 34 well-known Bollywood filmmakers joined hands at the Delhi High Court to challenge two Indian news media, “Republic TV” and “Times Now” and their 4 news platforms. The plaintiffs initiated an anti-defamation lawsuit.

A 34 year old Bollywood actor named Rajput hanged himself at his home in June of this year. The media broke the news that Rajput’s girlfriend, Chakraborty, also a Bollywood star, had brought him drugs. That led to investigation of other well-known Bollywood actresses by the police for drug involvement. For a time, the news that Bollywood has become a “drug-lywood” was stirring, and overwhelmed news channels overshadowing even the new corona epidemic. Reported momentum. Bollywood was taken to task in relevant media reports. Some commented that: “All the Arab perfumes of the world can’t wash away the dirty stench hidden in Bollywood’s under belly”. The plaintiffs in the Bollywood anti-defamation lawsuit pointed out that the news media used vicious and foul language to slander Bollywood and personally attack Bollywood employees, thereby violating the code of conduct of the news media. While the plaintiff did not demand that the media be prevented from reporting on the death of Rajput, it did immediately stop them from their defamation. 

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