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(N.B. This Editorial has been published in both the Chinese Huan Qiu Shi Bao as well as the English language Global Times. The slight differences in the two versions are indicated through strike-throughs for words/phrases/sentences in the English version not carried in the Chinese, and through italics font for those in the Chinese version but not in English.) 


According to UK and Australian media, a Chinese “dissident” passed on a document through an encrypted instant messaging app to the anti-China group of the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China. The leaked database has the personal information of 1.95 million registered members of the Communist Party of China (CPC), including their names, data on birth and ethnicity and some with their addresses and phone numbers. The Australian media said CPC members have “infiltrated” the US, British and Australian consulates in Shanghai and foreign companies such as banks. The UK media asserted that many CPC scholars have studied in British universities and taken part in research of sensitive areas.

Is this list real? We have no idea. But if foreign embassies and consulates in China do not especially exclude CPC members, it is highly likely that their employees include CPC members. For one reason, CPC members constitute a high proportion in the Chinese population. For another, CPC members are more likely to be talented. If a foreign embassy employs dozens of Chinese, none of whom are CPC members, then the average level of those people may be below the medium level of Chinese society.

The US-launched smear campaign against the CPC has become more and more pointless. What is even more absurd is that it appears poker-faced and turns an upright thing into Five Eyes-style fiction, with the appearance of sinister, breezy sensationalism.

The CPC has more than 90 million members. Besides meeting the political requirements, one has to be morally integrated and motivated and have concern for others and a collective sense to become a CPC member. They are both ordinary people in Chinese society and advanced figures ordinary people They also who play a positive role at the grass-roots level. They are everywhere to contribute to society.

If foreign entities expand their staff in China, they are bound to have CPC members. There is no need for China to launch any “infiltration.” As long as these entities are operating legally in China, they are part of China’s opening-up process. CPC members are more likely to harmoniously co-exist with their employers and make more contributions than non-CPC members. Foreign organizations could well do a survey, and the percentage of CCP members among their best workers would likely be higher than the percentage of Party members among all employees.

Viewing CPC members as infiltrators and spies is the result of the US’ hysterical and ideological campaign against China. The Chinese people will only mock the ignorance of the countries of the Five Eyes alliance and find it unbelievable when they see their neurotic behavior.

Suppose Chinese institutes in the US hire local staff. If they check whether their employees are Republicans when the Republican Party takes the rule to avoid infiltration risks, isn’t it ridiculous? We can only say that it would be even more ridiculous for the media in the “Five Eyes Coalition” countries to examine the special risks implied by the fact that employees of Western institutions in China are members of the Chinese Communist Party, whose ranks are the largest in the world.

The Washington-led smear campaign against the CPC has clear political goals. It deliberately distorts the reality of Chinese society and violates the basic logic of exchanges between Western countries and China. It is stabbing the relations between China and Five Eyes countries. In the end, such a smear campaign could only convince the Western world with deceit. This smear campaign is destined to become more and more strange, and it can only use deception to maintain its “self-justification” in the Western world.

It is such a pity that Western opinion allows such a deceptive trick to brew, with no force having the courage and ability to inform the Western public of the true story of the CPC. Some Western opinion agencies, with the instigation of politicians, even take an active role in framing China and the CPC. It is pathetic to see the West’s degradation.


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