Journal : Date : Author : Economic Network reporter Huang Xin Page No. : NA

Beijing, December 15th: At the “2021 China Academy of Information and Communications Technology ICT+ In-Depth Observation Report” held on the 15th, Liu Liehong, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, intimated that the country had built the world’s largest 5G network with 718,000 5G base stations, and 330,000 5G base stations shared.

Liu Liehong said that 5G development in the country has entered a critical stage of application innovation, and the coordinated promotion of basic telecommunications, equipment manufacturing and vertical integration of  industries has accelerated. At the same time, the Industrial Internet is entering a period of rapid development, and more than 100 industrial Internet platforms with certain regional influence have been cultivated, connecting 40 million units (sets) of industrial equipment in more than 30 key industries such as raw materials, equipment manufacturing, and consumer goods.  Currently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is working with telecom operators to formulate next year’s 5G base station construction plan, and will steadily advance 5G network construction in accordance with the principle of steady/moderate progression.
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