Journal : Date : Author : Global Network Reporter Xu Luming Page No. : NA
 According to a report on the “Times of India” website on December 17, India successfully tested the Indian-made “Prithvi-II” ballistic missile in Balasol, Odisha on December 16.
Photo: The “Prithvi-II” ballistic missile launch pad sceneAccording to the report, the “Prithvi-II” ballistic missile was developed by the Indian Defense Research and Development Organization. It can carry a warhead weighing 500 to 1,000 kilograms, including fitting of a nuclear warhead. India had conducted a test fire of this type of missile on October 16 this year too.

After the successful test firing, the Indian Ministry of Defense stated that this missile uses an advanced inertial guidance system and can attack targets by maneuvering while in orbit.

It is reported that India has recently conducted a series of test launches of missiles. The Ministry of Defense of India had earlier stated that it had successfully tested the “BrahMos” supersonic cruise missile, and subsequently India successfully tested the Shaurya hypersonic tactical ballistic missile, the SMART supersonic anti-submarine missile, and India’s first domestically-made anti-radiation missile Rudram -1.

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